iOS Travel Calculator now available

After some days waiting, the iOS version of Travel Calculator is now available to download on App Store.


This App can help a lot while performing overseas travel. Especially when you need to exchange foreign currencies you will find it be very useful.

OFF percent button with customized percentage gives you one touch to get discounted price/values. TAX/TIP button will release your valuable time while traveling.

And, the most important of all, you can customize your own currency rates. You may encounter such condition. You just exchange some foreign currencies with some specific rate. But the rate is changing everyday. When you press update button, you don’t want to change the target currency rate to the up-to-date one. In the opposite, you just want to keep it and lock it down. With Travel Calc, you can do this easily.

Click settings and select “My Rates”. Input your own rates and click on “Lock this Rate”. No more update will be applied to your rates. You can then take this rate to the target country and get real expenses in your own currency.

Hope this App could help a lot of people for the currency exchange works.

Travel should be wonderful and happy. As to currency, TravelCalc just makes it easy!
Download Travel Calculator iOS on App Store : Here is the link!