[iOS] TravelCalc iPad crash problem has been resolved in V1.1.1

After some efforts on code change, the crash problem of TravelCalc V1.1 on iPad has been resolved. Apple has approved the submission of patched version to app store in short time (Thanks to Apple reviewers). Now users can download this version to fix the problem.

The root cause of this problem is code fragments added for support to “Dark Mode”. To control the change of “Dark Mode” and “Light Mode” colors, I have to find some place in application initialization to insert related control flows.

However, when iPad executed these code fragments, something just went wrong in initialization process. A component of calculator will encounter problems and fail to pass the initialization.

After this patch, the problem has been fixed. I just suggest all iPad users to upgrade to this version, V1.1.1. iPhone users could use V1.1 as well, but still recommend to upgrade to use V1.1.1.

Meanwhile, V1.1.1 also added two new options to control TAX/TIP cyclic calculation and tax refund calculation formula. Users could get more flexibility for TAX/TIP calculation with version 1.1.1.

Sorry again for any inconvenience that may cause of V1.1 update. I’ll take more care on code fragments change with future updates.

Still during this world-wide pandemic, may the HEALTH be with you. Keep healthy until we could travel around the world again!


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