[iOS] TravelCalc

iOS TravelCalc

Icon-60@3xTrouble with currency exchange? Give TravelCalc a try, and that won’t be a problem anymore.

View realtime converted rates among over 100 currencies, even offline.

Support customized rates and lock mechanism.

Also there exist OFF/TAX/TIP percent buttons to ease common calculation in journey.

And of course, a well-designed calculator is ready there to serve.

– Update anytime, anywhere, just small bandwidth needed.
– Rates can be customized to your own ones and be locked.
– Offline mode supported. You can use TravelCalc even without any connection.
– You can set your own favorites to accelerate currency selection.
– OFF/TAX/TIP percent buttons to help you perform common calculation tasks.
– One click to swap main and focus currency.

Download Travel Calc now and start to make currency exchange in journeys easy than ever.

Travel could be easy and wonderful. Just leave annoying exchange jobs to TravelCalc.

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