[Android] TravelCalc apk download for versions

Travel Calculator is a great tool to do currency checking/calculating jobs.  From the server logs, we believe that it has become important tool for some people’s daily work.

As a result, trying to maintain stability of Travel Calculator is our first priority. However, we’re simply human beings, not immortals with great power to make the App flawless. When a new version being pushed to Play Store, we always keep our eyes on the bug report and install status. But still failed to have all versions working well on all devices.

Then, some of our users has sent us messages. They want to get older versions back to their devices since newer one simple doesn’t work on phone/tablet.

To fulfill these requests, we’ve made a page with download links to older versions of TravelCalc. From version V1.3.3 to current developing one. Here is the link to this page:


If you just need older versions which worked well on your device, you may try to find them from the above page.

Wish you have all the best journeys!

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